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Puzzle Lake Ontario

Puzzle Lake Provincial Park was formally established on April 21, 2001.  The park includes 3,724 hectares of Crown Land.  To put its relatively small size into perspective that is just 0.5% of the size of Algonquin Provincial Park. What make Puzzle Lake so appealing is, that unlike Algonquin Park this provincial park is relatively unknown.

Even today this is the only map of Puzzle Lake Provincial Park we can find online.

The area has changed very little since it became a provincial park.  In fact the only changes of note are the posting of park boundary signs along popular routes into the park in 2002 and the addition of two brand new vault toilets near the boat launch at Norway Lake in 2009.

The park management plan is still under review, which means at the moment (2013) Puzzle Lake Provincial Park has no front gate, no park office, no official camping sites and no user fees for residents of Ontario.