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Wood Pellet Stove Building Instructions

The Hobo Stove Building Instructions – as seen on our youtube channel. This easy to build DIY for the wood pellet hobo stove is fully illustrated with clear pictures and instructions on how to build. Amazingly simple and compact design makes it easy to carry in a small area of your pack or fanny-pack.

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Price: $5.00

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The Amazing Wilderness Camp Chair

Get off the ground! with this light weight and comfortable hammock chair. Supports up to 225 lbs (300 lbs in the heavy-weight version).
Under 100 grams in weight, (3.5 ounces)
100% nylon, Tested to 220lbs (94 kilos)
Heavy-weight version is double stitched, rip-stop nylon, tested up to 300lbs (136 kilos)

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Price: from $24.99

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Tree Friendly Suspension System

Get off the ground With the Tree Friendly Suspension System! This amazing product is great for hanging your pack, hammock or for converting The Amazing Wilderness Camp Chair into a Hammock Chair

Straps have been tested for up to 900lbs each; Quick Link Carabiners have been tested for up to 450lbs each. The kit comes with two straps, two carabiners (already assembled) two wooden spikes and two, three-foot lengths of parachord (NICE!)

Also comes with handy nylon case that has hanging instructions printed on the outside.


Price: $12.99

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Wilderness Hiking Checklist

This is a handy checklist you can use to help organize your pack and ensure you don’t forget anything before you leave for ‘the big hike’ or smaller, ‘weekend away’.
The original list was created by my hiking buddy, Jeep. This list has been slightly modified from the original version and is available to you as a download able pdf based on any kind of donation to help support our site – even .01 cent donation will let you download the file.

Happy Hiking!

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The Amazing Camping Potty

When the time comes, why not “do-it” with comfort? The Amazing Camping Potty (ACP) is a light weight, comfortable and easy-to-use alternative to “squatting in the woods”. Made with rip-stop nylon, and tested to support up to 300lbs; the ACP can be used between any three trees, or with the familiar tripod setup used for the Amazing Wilderness Camp Chair (as in picture).


Price: $29.99

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