Camp Craft

It is more than just cool stuff. To be truly effective with camp craft and wilderness survival you need knowledge, skill… …and… …cool stuff!
Survival Night on Dog Lake.  Randy, Stephane and Jeep
My friends and I have been creating camp craft recipies and practicing wilderness survival skills for decades now. We’ve learned how to make items in the wilderness from found materials with zero impact on the environment. Camp craft skill takes practice, but if you’re like me or my friends, you likely don’t have the time to perfect these skills. I recommend practicing some craft at least 10 days prior to your excursion, then when you’re out there you might try a survival night.

Tom, Len, Steph, Randy just before heading out on a 5 day hike.A few, or all of us pick a clear night during our excursion to test our skill. We leave the comfort of our campsite to build an emergency shelter and spend the night.

Just you, your brain and the contents of your survival kit. The best experience is first hand experience. For me, I have gotten very used to sleeping without a tent, in a very modest bivy sack, or even with just a piece of plastic tarp to act as a wind and rain block.

So don’t be afraid to test your survival skill when you go out into the great outdoors. Start small and build your camp craft and survival skills one step at a time. Before you know it, you will be comfortable living in nature and surviving in the great outdoors.