Bear Spray Warning

Don’t Do This!

In this short video you will see one of the most dangerous uses of Bear Spray.  If you are in an emergency situation, you aren’t going to think about which way the wind is blowing, but you should be aware that the wind can blow the spray back to you.  In this video Jeep discovers this the hard way.

We had some bear spray that had never been used and it was passed its expiry date, so Jeep thought it might be a good idea to see how it worked.  None of us after all had actually used the stuff!  Against the overall vote of the rest of the hiking team, Jeep decided to go forward with his plan to try it out.  We were a one-day hike from any road or highway, and as he sprayed the can, the wind picked up and covered him with the Bear Spray.

Needless to say, it was a tough hike back.

Jeep not only suffered from the effects of the Bear Spray, which included nausea, burning sinus cavity, watering eyes, vision impairment and shortness of breath, but he was also suffering from anxiety attacks and hyper tension.  We hiked back for about six hours until he needed to rest.  I continued on and made it back, with a plan to drive my awesome, Subaru Impreza off-road and through the trail to pick him up and bring him back to civilization.

Two compromised front struts and a dent in the Subaru frame later, we got Jeep back to safety.  I was not a happy camper about the $1500 repair costs and the irreparable damage to the frame of the Subaru; but I was happy that Jeep recovered without being seriously injured.